Listowel Food Festival Demonstration 2013

by Listowel Arms Hotel on November 22, 2013

Weather was crisp and sunny for  Listowel Farmers Market on Friday of the Listowel Food Fair Festival. Our chefs John Breen and Jamie Julian joined the stalls with their portable equipment for a cookery demonstration and tasting of dishes created with the produce of the regular Listowel Farmers Market suppliers: Rigney’s Farm, Fresh Fish from Dingle, Lane Cottage Farm, Aidan O’Connor’s Vegetables, Rolf’s cheeses.  After passing around Listowel Nibbles platters with stuffed chicken thighs, poppadum scoops, cheese&bacon puffs and parma ham swizzle sticks, chefs cooked Smoked Haddock  and White pudding filo parcels. Here are the recipes:

Rigney`s white Pudding Filo Parcel with Rolf`s Sweet pepper relish on a crisp Apple & herb salad And a Beetroot Puree.

A simple starter easily done at home using ingredients from Rigney`s farm, Rolfs cheeses & olives & O’Connor’s Organic Vegetables


White Pudding Filo Parcel    4 Portions

Beetroot Puree

150g Cooked Beetroot

3 tbsp. Balsamic Vinegar

3 tbsp Port

Juice of 1 Lime

½ tbsp. Sugar

Add all liquid ingredients together and reduce the volume by half, by simmering gently. Add to the beetroot and puree. Season with salt & pepper. Blend in oil if necessary to smoothen.


Filo Parcel

100g Rigney`s white Pudding

2 sheets of filo pastry

40g onion diced

40g apple diced

1 dessert spoon sugar

1 dessertspoon Rolf`s sweet pepper relish

Cook the onion and apple on a medium heat to soften. Sprinkle with sugar and caramelise slightly. Cool and add to the white pudding with the relish and mix well. Lay the filo sheets down and divide into 4 lengthways. Place the pudding mix in the bottom corner and fold up in a triangular shape, using beaten egg to seal the parcel.


Crispy Salad

Using any selection of salad leaves shredded and fruit or vegetables such as spring onion, carrot, radish, apple & pear finely sliced.

Dressing:         1 tsp Dijon mustard

4 tsp Vinegar & Juice of ½ a lemon

2 tbsp olive oil & 2 tbsp walnut oil

Salt & Pepper

Blend the mustard, vinegar, lemon juice & seasoning together. Slowly whisk in the oils to form a dressing,

To assemble: Deep fry the pudding parcel in oil @ 170˚C for 4-5 mins.

Toss the salad in dressing and heap neatly in the centre of a plate. Spoon the beetroot puree around the salad and garnish with fresh herbs.

Smoked haddock ‘En Paupiette’ With a crispy Free Range Listowel Egg, Organic carrot puree and Herb oil.

This tasty main course is from the classical repertoire but Served in a contemporary style utilising ingredients from Lane cottage eggs, Dingle Smoked Haddock, Adain O’Connor’s Organic Vegetables.

4 Portions

4 smoked haddock fillets

200mls of white wine & 100mls water

250g cooked organic carrot puree

Using tin foil make a pouch for the haddock. Put the fish in and add 50mls of wine & 50mls of water. Seal up the pouch by folding the tin foil tightly.

Crispy poached Lane Cottage Free Range Egg

4 Eggs

40g Breadcrumbs

50 flour & 1 egg for crumbing

Poach the eggs for 2mins in gently simmering water with a tbsp. of vinegar in it. Remove and plunge into cold water, once cooled trim and try on kitchen paper.

Firstly roll the egg in flour, then in beaten egg then in breadcrumbs.

Herb Oil:

25g parsley

15g dill

150ml olive oil

10g Spring onion

Salt & Pepper

Plunge the herbs into boiling water for 30 seconds, then into ice cold water. Squeeze dry and put into a blender with the other ingredients and process for 3 mins

To Assemble:

Bake the fish parcel @200˚ for 12 mins. Meanwhile place a neat pool of the carrot puree in the centre of the plate. Put the herb oil in a squeezy bottle and dress the plate. Drop the crumbed egg into the hot oil @165˚C and fry until golden. When the fish is cooked carefully cut open the parcel and lift out and place on the carrot puree. Place the crispy egg on top and serve.


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